In Moscow at the exhibition “Photonics. The World of Lasers and Optics – 2021 ” the winners of the annual competition of the Laser Association for the best domestic development in the field of photonics were named.

In the nomination “Sources of laser emission and their components, devices for controlling a laser beam and its transportation” (competition named after M.F. Stelmakh), the II degree diploma was awarded to the development of NPP “Inject” – “Semiconductor pulsed laser with high energy brightness”. The results of the competition are published on the website of the Laser Association.

The semiconductor pulsed laser consists of a pulsed semiconductor laser emitter mounted in a handle housing and a power source. The average power of the laser emission pulse of the device is 7.5 kW, the optical output power density of the laser is > 9.5 kW / cm2. The wavelength of the maximum of the spectrum of the laser emission is 940 +/- 5 nm.

The emitter has an improved design of the array of laser diodes (LD), in which there are no heat sinks (radiators) between the diode laser bars, which significantly reduces the bar-to-bar pitch size. This design provides manufacturing of a LD stacked array with a high assembly density (the term High Density Stack is used in foreign literature). The laser emitter is manufactured on a modular basis, which allows its modification and scaling of the output optical power and emission wavelength in the range of 770 – 980 nm according to the customer’s technical requirements.

The semiconductor pulsed laser is designed for a wide range of applications in various industries, scientific research and medicine.