On December 20, 2018, representatives of the INJECT RME, LLC visited Saratov State Technical University (SSTU) and told students about the producing of semiconductor laser diodes.

Current undergraduate “Engineering” and “Laser techniques and technologies” students learned more about the history of the INJECT RME, its production areas and the scientific research in the company. Also they learned more about internship offers for students and how to make a career as an engineer.

Anton Kozyrev, the chief technology officer in the INJECT RME, informed students about the contemporary application of different types of lasers in science, medicine and other industries. His review provided an overview of the latest development of diode laser technology. He showed the advantages of laser diodes compare with other types of lasers. The students were interested in gaining an internship at the company and its requirements for applicants.

SSTU prepares graduates in different fields such as industrial engineering. Since 2014 the new discipline “Laser techniques and technologies” is taught at the University. Meetings bringing together qualified professionals, students and professors contribute to improving the quality of the educational process and make the learning of the discipline deeper.