Basic property:

  • The density of the output power of optical radiation is more than 1 kW / cm2
  • Optical pulse duration up to 300 μs
  • Two-size grating with protective glass


  • Effective semiconductor diode optical pumping of laser rods or plates of high-power solid-state lasers, laser systems and process units
  • Infrared laser illuminators with high optical power of radiation
  • Laser medical systems


Parameter name Value
not less than no more
Max. Laser pulse power, W 1250
The wavelength of the maximum of the laser radiation spectrum, nm 804 806
Width of the envelope of the laser radiation spectrum, nm 5
Voltage at the emitter at the operating pump current, V 106
The duration of the pump current pulse, μs 300
Frequency of repetition of pump current pulses, Hz 30
The amplitude of the pump current pulse, A 27
Heat sink temperature, ° С 20 30
Glow body size, mm 25х5
Divergence of laser radiation, degrees 15х40
Resource of work, impulses 108
Dimensions, mm 30х26х7


  • The wavelength of the radiation of the laser diode array can be selected by the Customer in the intervals 650 ÷ 670, 793 ÷ 985, 1030 ÷ 1070 nm and is provided by the design and composition of the active region of the heterostructure
  • FWHM - width at the level of 0.5 from the maximum
  • Other sizes are possible according to the customer's requirements