Basic property:

  • Exposure of optical radiation through a multimode fiber
  • Low coherence
  • Built-in photodiode feedback


  • Optical fiber gyroscopes and sensors
  • Low Coherence Optical Tomography
  • Optical communication
  • Optical measuring systems



Parameter Min normal max Units
Radiation power at the output of a fiber optic fiber 8 mW
Length of optical fiber 0.5 m
Operating current 200 mA
Operating voltage 2.5 B
Maximum of the emission spectrum * 825+/-25 nm
The envelope width of the emission spectrum at a level of 0.5 from the maximum 15 nm
The current of the built-in photodiode at 8.0 mW 0.01 mA
The photodiode supply voltage 9+/-1 B
Ambient temperature range -40
Optical fiber type MM 50/125 or 62.5/125 μm
Diameter of the optical fiber glass sheath 125 μm
Diameter of plastic sheath 0.9 μm
Fiber Optic Connector FC/PC или FC/APC, ST, SC
Operating mode continuous, pulse