The quasi continuous-wave (QCW) emitter SLM-3М-2200-55 is a modified version of the emitter SLM-3 which was previously developed and produced by INJECT RME, LLC. New product kept the key characteristics of the previous model but is adapted for generating the powerful laser emission using the low operating voltage and temperature up to 55°С.

The upgraded QCW emitter works with the voltage 55V which is much lower than the similar models of the other manufacturers. The device has the following parameters: 

Power – 2200 W

Wavelength – 808±3 nm

Pulse amplitude – 140 А

Pulse duration – 250 µs

Repetition rate – up to 30 Hz

Operating temperature – up to 55±1°С

Dimensions – 50 x 17.5 x 16.5

This stocked diode array SLM-3М-2200-55 is intended to use as a IR optical emitter in the equipment that has a wide application range. For example, the pumping of the solid-state laser. This model has a high efficiency and a long-term reliability.