Research and Production Enterprise Inject Ltd is one of the leading enterprises in Russia that conducts research and development of critical microelectronic laser technologies and serially produces high-tech products of world technical level – semiconductor lasers, superluminescent diodes, photodiodes, super-bright light emitting diodes of red and blue luminescence and etc., as well as original optoelectronic devices based on them.

Inject has a full technological cycle for manufacturing laser semiconductor emitters, starting with the manufacture of semiconductor substrates from epitaxial growth of layers of semiconductor structures to planar, assembly, measuring and testing lines, using domestic materials in production. The products are exported to Great Britain, USA, Japan, Israel, Korea, Germany, China, Bulgaria and other countries.


The main stages of research and development of OOO NPP “INJECT”

  • January 1973
    The creation of a laboratory for semiconductor quantum electronics in the design bureau at the Saratov plant of receiving and amplifying lamps.
  • December 1973
    The beginning of a full cycle of mass production of the first pulsed laser diodes of the near infrared spectral range – 800-900 nm on heterostructures grown at the enterprise by liquid-phase epitaxy.
  • 1974
    Start of series production of several new types of laser diodes.
  • 1974 – 1980
    Implementation of a series of R & D aimed at improving the technology of laser diodes (LD) production, and as a result of a 5-10-fold increase in service life and a 1.5-fold decrease in the cost of manufactured products.
  • 1982
    Development continuous production of GaAs / GaAlAs based heterostructures in the serial production of LD.
  • 1984
    Development of technology for epitaxial growth of pulsed LDs based on AlGaSbAs / GaSb heterostructures.
  • 1985
    Investigation of the causes of LD degradation and the development of highly reliable LDs with increased life time in continuous mode up to 50,000 hours.
  • 1984 – 1992
    Development and manufacture of a series of LD, end-emitting light-emitting (LED) and superluminescent (SLD) radiating modules with radiation output through a multimode and single-mode optical fiber for fiber-optic communication lines, fiber optic sensors, gyroscopes,
  • 1991
    The beginning of export of production to Switzerland, Germany, Australia, Bulgaria.
  • 1996 – 2002
    Development and production of high-power LD rulers and 2-dimensional recruitment LD gratings for quasi-continuous operation for pumping solid-state lasers with an optical power density of> 1000 W / cm2.
  • 1999
    Development and supply of superluminescent radiating modules for the nanometric interferometric instrument “Ultrafocus-2000” of alignment of the lens of the photolithography unit of Ultratech Stepper, Inc., USA, awarded the “100 R & D Magazine Awards” The USA in 1999.
  • 1999
    Development together with the company LIMO (Germany) and the start of production of a continuous mode laser diode with the output of radiation through a multimode optical fiber with an optical radiation power of 1 W – LM3-850-1000 with a core diameter of 50 μm, a numerical aperture of 0.20 for use in printing devices, optical sensors, medicine.
  • 2001
    Development and manufacture of compact lasers with diode pumping solid-state microchips, including those with intracavity frequency doubling, emitting in the green spectral range (λ = 531 nm).
  • 2002
    Development and start of production: dial-up LD emitters with conductive cooling of pulse mode of operation with a radiation power of 1 kW with a pulse duration of 1 μs, high-frequency photodetector module (~ 7-10 GHz) for fiber-optic communication lines, LD power supplies and superluminescent diodes of pulsed and continuous operation.
  • 2002 – 2004
    Development and commencement of mass production of LD array gratings of quasi-continuous and pulsed operating mode with a power of 1250W with an integrated TE cooling device, with collimating optics with pulse duration up to 500 μs for illuminators and range finders.
  • 2004
    Development and start of production of new types of LD radiators for the near-infrared spectral range for illumination of night vision devices, machine vision systems, optoelectronic sensors and security systems, optical measuring equipment and scientific research.
  • 2005
    Development and production of superluminescent diodes and lasers with a red emission spectrum (630-670 nm). Development and production of high-power pulsed LD with a red emission spectrum (630-670 nm) and release of samples of red laser diodes with a wavelength of 631 nm and development of light-emitting diodes of blue glow from heterostructures on gallium nitride with a wavelength of 457 nm with individual addressing.