Basic property:

A photodiode of the type FP1-850K with a spectral sensitivity range of 810-870 nm with the introduction of radiation into the body through a multimode fiber with a core diameter 50 μm.

It is made on the basis of a silicon pin photodiode   for use in fiber-optic communication systems, gyroscopes, measuring equipment and other areas as a receiver and converter optical radiation into an electrical signal.


Parameter (at 20 ° C) Meaning Min. Meaning Nom. The value is Max. Units
Range of spectral sensitivity 810 835 870 nm
Dark current at U = 5 V 5 nA
PF capacity 5 pF
Rise time, pulse edge decay time 4 ns
Current monochrome sensitivity at wavelength λ = 835 nm 0.3 A / W
Input of radiation into the case through a multimode fiber with core diameter / sheath 50/125 μm
Storage temperature — 40 + 60 °С
Voltage on the photodetector 5 10 24 B