Emitter of injection lasers IL-1M


Basic property:

The emitter of the pulsed-mode injection lasers IL-1M is manufactured on the basis of a semiconductor injection laser diode. IL-1M is designed to output optical radiation through a multimode mono-light guide (with core / shell dimensions of 200/220 μm) to a light signal receiver.

IL-1M provides the formation of optical pulses of a rectangular shape in amplitude, the duration of which (front and rear fronts) coincide with the trigger pulse.


  • in reactive power compensators;
  • powerful high-voltage drives;
  • in lines of electric power transmission (LEP) of direct current of ultrahigh voltage;
  • in power protection devices for powerful klystrons and ignitrons, etc.


Name of parameters Norm
The wavelength of the output optical radiation is not less than, nm, not more than 900


Number of channels of optical radiation 1
Amplitude of pulses of output optical radiation, (mW) (it is set on delivery) 200-300
Voltage on the load resistor of the feedback photodiode (V) 1+/-0,1
Instability of output power in the operating temperature range, (%) 20
The pulse duration of the output optical radiation, (μs) 10-50
The duration of the pulse front of the output optical radiation, not more, (ns) 80
Frequency of repetition of pump current pulses, not more than, Hz 300
Typical value of the delay time for the inclusion of the pulse of the output optical radiation with respect to the rising edge of the CMOS triggering pulse, not more, (ns) – with a spread, not more than, (ns) 100 +/-50
Delay of the trailing edge of a pulse of output optical radiation, not more than (ns) 60
Control input signal Positive CMOS front of logic
Input current of the trigger pulse, (mA) 0,5-20
Supply voltage, (V) 24
Operating temperature range, (° С) -35…+45
The resource of work, impulses 1010
Overall dimensions of the case (L x W x H), (mm) 114 x 35 x 30